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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saguaros & Sunshine

Welcome to ARIZONA!

This Saturday, Oct. 18th
Peel Family Reunion
Red Mountain Park, Mesa
7745 E. Brown Rd.
3PM ~ 6PM

WE provide: Plates, cups, utensils, napkins, drink & BBQ Pork and Chicken.

YOU bring:
* Salads, Beans and Desserts for feasting!
* Lawn Chairs/Picnic Blanket
* Check Book to purchase the Amazing Peel
History Books ($10 ea.), the custom watercolor
card set for children, and ready to frame
vintage photos.

LIVE music! Whacky Water Balloon slingshot fun!
Family that loves you!
What more could you ask for? Be there.

Red Mountain Park between Power Rd. and the 202 on Brown
From Brown: Turn South on STERLING, go to "Saguaro" Parking Lot, "Wren" Ramada

Contact Numero Uno Chris Cooley (LOD: Elona Cooley, Leslie Peel) to volunteer like you should, or for any questions!


Anonymous said...

hi im from England and im Called...Benjamin John Robert Peel, and im from a big family of Peels.. hahaha
i was just wondering what this site is about?
is this like a peel appreciation page?

you can contact me at rockhouse1909@yahoo.co.uk

cheers for your time

CaliZona said...

Cheerio, Benjamin John Robert Peel! Is this a terrific name, or what? Welcome to the American branch of the family!

I have sent you a family line back to our Robert & Betty Beckett Peel in hopes that we will establish a connection. We have lots more information available to you, as you can see from this site.

This is exciting! Hopefully we can quickly figure out where you fit in relation to us, as it is quite probable you are indeed one of our long-lost cousins. You could say the same about us, actually.

Looking forward to hearing from you again,