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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Line of Descent (LOD)

To help us understand and keep track of exactly which cousins are which, please list your Line of Descent (LOD) after your name in every post. Lineage should go back to one of the 10 siblings in the 2nd Generation from which all Lines of Descent are identified. Generation One being Benjamin Franklin Peel and Mary Almira Welker. Their 10 children are in birth order:
  • Mariam Almira Peel Woodhouse
  • Rulon Samuel Peel
  • Leslie Adam Peel
  • John Arthur Peel
  • Zola Peel Larson
  • Zona Peel Rose
  • Kenneth Peel
  • Vern Robert Peel
  • Lenor James Peel
  • Ferril Lloyd Peel
Example: LOD: Robin Tanner, Cindi Tanner, Robert Rose, Zona Peel Rose

It will also be helpful to list the 2nd generation ancestor in the "Label" section of the post. When you are composing a post, at the bottom you will see a "Post Options" area. Directly across from that there is a line for you to type in your 2nd generation connection.

Thank you!

1 comment:

Ferrell Z Kump said...

I am a descendant of Ann Jane Peel Noble, sister of Benjamin Franklin Peel, son of Benjamin and Nancy Turnbull. I am eager to find a biography of Benjamin and Nancy if one exists. Eileen Gibbons Kump