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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Time Prize-Winner

Surprise! Cousin Desiree Hopkins (LOD: Laurie Dooley, LeRoy Peel, Leslie Peel) is officially the very 1st family member to register their current contact update through this family blog! She saw the "Address Collection" link, she inputted, she conquered. Sort of like Caesar, but different. Desiree and husband Ammon have son Gideon to cheer them on; mommy just graduated from the College of Southern Idaho with her RN, and daddy is pursuing a degree in social work.

Desiree's fabulous PRIZE is the 100% custom Illustrated Family History Card Set! Wow!

Eight stories from the lives of Benjamin and Nancy Peel and their son Benjamin F. Peel are represented on 8 different cards. One side features the watercolor illustration, the reverse a kid-friendly script explaining the story.

Teaching family history to your children and grandchildren was never so fun! It will be easy to relate to ancestors as real people. It will prompt further discussion from one of the newly available Peel Books. Talking about them will feel intimate instead of mysterious or boring to young ears. Framing a vintage photo you got at the reunion and hanging it on the wall will further demonstrate to your children that we belong to these people from long ago.

Hide cards under plates at Sunday dinner; read the stories in turn without showing the picture. Let everyone match story to picture. Play "Hot Potato" by passing the cards as quickly as possible around in a circle until the signal is given to stop: pantomime the picture, or use dramatic voices in character to hint at the story in hand . . .

Challenge family members to remember the story that accompanies each picture. This card set will prove useful and fun again and again.

You also have a chance to grab this treasure for your own family!

Look for these special card sets for sale at each of our up-coming Reunions, along with vintage photos for sale. While prices will be entirely nominal, donations or "tips" will not be refused. We need your support financially as well as physically and spiritually. Are you getting excited?!

If you are unable to attend one of the 3 Reunions scheduled so far, you may contact our Illustrious Leader Jim 'Bud' Rose, Jr. to register an order for items you are interested in. (See 'About Us' link for his contact info.)

Thank you to everyone who has donated by check or on-line through this blog, and for everyone who inputted their contact updates after Desiree. You are making a difference! Please spread the word and share this blog. We need more authors, photos, comments and links to other family websites. We are in this together!

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