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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Peel Family Books

Two Peel Family History Books will be offered at each of the upcoming reunions. The books are being sold only at cost, $10 each. If you cannot attend one of the reunions, you may order books from Jim ("Bud") Rose, Jr. (see 'About Us' for contact info.)

John Peel’s (LOD: Ferril Peel) “The History of Benjamin and Nancy (Turnbull) Peel”, and Berneice Peel & Mary Skousen’s (LOD: Leslie Peel) “Our Peel Ancestors” book are finally available to all family members. Both compilations are nicely presented; John’s thoroughly researched work includes a comprehensive index and convenient time line. Berneice and Mary’s book is accented liberally with illustrations, maps and historical facts. Both works sport a sturdy spiral binding and speak a true labor of love.

You will want one of each; while they support each other in primary facts, they are quite different enough that missing one or the other will leave much too big a hole in your family knowledge!

FINALLY ~ now it is so easy to follow a long family line and get your children and grandchildren excited about their illustrious roots. Significant events are conveniently listed on a Time Line! “Famous Peel Ancestors” have been documented and are ready for repeating to impress friends and neighbors at social gatherings! Fascinating facts or curiosities abound! Meaningful and inspirational stories, events and testimonials by ancestors (often recorded in their own words) will be readily accessible to you and your children. Don’t miss this opportunity to add these two gems to your personal library.

1 comment:

S. said...

What treasures!

After purchasing copies of John Peel's book and Cindi Tanner's artwork at the Utah family reunion this past weekend, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Peel family history. When combined with the book my mother, Berneice Peel, put together, they are great resources to learn more about the faithful heritage we have descended from.

I'm already sharing some of the highlights with my children. What a great way to get excited about our family tree! I purchased extra copies to give each of my children for Christmas.

After seeing firsthand all the efforts my mother went to for her book, I can truly appreciate everyone's time and effort to compile and copy this data for us. Thank you sharing your hard work and making it available! I'm one very appreciative cousin!

Sharlene (Peel) Tucker (LOD: Narvin Adam Peel, Leslie Adam Peel)