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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Peel Visual Olympics

Aunt Lois has a new toy! After a vigorous training schedule, Lois (married to Joe Rose LOD: Zona Peel) is in top-form to take our family identity to new heights. Her scanner is barely out of the shrink-wrap and we are the lucky recipients of her "play time". In the sacred name of world family peace, Let the Games Begin!

Your challenge - should you choose to accept it - is to correctly identify the following vintage competitors. Good luck, we're all counting on you. Break a leg - or an eyeball or something.

Photo #1:
This mystery line-up represents
a Peel winning team.
Name them correctly from left to right
and gain our fond esteem.
Photo #2:
A handsome family,
to be sure!
So who is that
holding his purse?
(Oh just kidding - you make it rhyme, OK? Name them L - R.)

Photo #3:
Now this is a dapper trio,
posing in the bright sunshine.
We know they're really smiling
~ on the inside.
(name them L -R)

Photo #4:
These girls are looking cute,
though startled, they are at that.
Extra points
if you can figure out
whatever that thing is
in her lap...
(Name them L-R)
Photo #5:
And finally,
here is a young couple
spring of '55
in their BYU prime ~
waiting for baby #1
Once Upon a Time.
(Name them)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Research Results R Us

Over the past 35 years, John L. Peel (LOD: Ferril Peel) has been working on the Peel family line, along with many collateral lines and lines of those who have married into the family. If you are interested in these data please feel free to contact John. He has also offered his generous free services for anyone who needs help getting work done on their lines.

~John L. Peel

E-mail: jlpeel800@gmail.com
(951)333-1648 or (951)654-2019

Friday, July 18, 2008

Playing Tag

One of my favorite activities at Peel Reunions in the 60's, was goofing around with my cousin Jonny. You much older cousins might remember sweaty little whirl-winds stampeding by you for no good reason, hanging from a tree or laying pennies on the train tracks at Chatswork Park; that was us. You might recall two little kids hoarding ice cold Shasta soda pops from those big green ice-filled barrels. I don't know who that was . . .

Now Jon is all grown up and quite respectable. He probably never hears anyone say "Jonny" to his face. However, today, this will change.

Thanks to one of my best growing-up friends-cousin Jonny (who was a year younger and had to endure my lording that over him), we have a fun excursion of familiar faces. Tag, Jonny ~ you're it!

First is a handsome family of growing, hungry young boys who belong to Jon (LOD: Jim Rose, Sr., Zona Peel) and Judy Rose - what, early 90's?

Just look at that little guy with his tie! So cute.
Here is a great BSA line-up at a Scout Court of Honor.
Somewhere in between proud Scout Mother Judy and Jon Sr., are Jon Jr., Joe, Justin and James. (Tourniquet anyone? Need a tent pitched? An axe sharpened? A trout gutted ~?)

These unsuspecting Rose boys seem defiantly unaware of middle-earth danger looming directly behind them . . .

The Campfire Kids of Jim (LOD: Zona Peel) and Norma Rose:

L-R: Norm & Diane, Jon & Judy, Joe & Kathy Sorg, Jim Jr. "Bud" & Nancy
(apparently 6 people failed to get the memo re: matching orange shirts)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stayin' Alive

We did it! The Peel family organization is not dead ~ but reawakened and full of life.

YOU give it life when you respond to requests for contact information,
when you share your Peel Newsletter with your family, when you call a sibling, a cousin or a nephew and tell them they've just got to see this new Family Blog!

YOU bring it to life when you pull out forgotten old photos and retrieve memories that live a-fresh posted on this blog. YOU inject energy when you offer a current glimpse of your 2008 world; the grandchildren playing in the sprinkler, the college graduate, the toddler who decided to dump a bag of flour, the picnic in the canyon . . .

YOU physically animate this effort when you send a donation, or call your local Reunion Chairman and offer your help for the big day. YOU create the gift of curiosity in children and grandchildren when you talk about who their "people" are, and open one of our new Peel history books to point out the names, pictures and stories of those gone before.

YOU can explore together a watercolor-illustrated card set designed to teach your children about their own family history in a creative and easily interpreted way!

Peel history coloring pages are an additional support to moms and dads who want to add to the great, vintage photographs they might download here, or purchase ready to frame at the reunions.

YOU feel the power of that tangible connection through time and space as we become acquainted with the personal sacrifices and toils they experienced.

YOU may feel the generosity of spirit to pray for our family members who serve our country here, and on dangerous ground. Because of our newly re-organized family effort, we now can know about them, and send an encouraging thought to their families left behind.

YOU are part of this wonderful, living thing. This is where you belong.

~ Cindi Tanner (LOD: Bob Rose, Zona Peel)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Peel Family Books

Two Peel Family History Books will be offered at each of the upcoming reunions. The books are being sold only at cost, $10 each. If you cannot attend one of the reunions, you may order books from Jim ("Bud") Rose, Jr. (see 'About Us' for contact info.)

John Peel’s (LOD: Ferril Peel) “The History of Benjamin and Nancy (Turnbull) Peel”, and Berneice Peel & Mary Skousen’s (LOD: Leslie Peel) “Our Peel Ancestors” book are finally available to all family members. Both compilations are nicely presented; John’s thoroughly researched work includes a comprehensive index and convenient time line. Berneice and Mary’s book is accented liberally with illustrations, maps and historical facts. Both works sport a sturdy spiral binding and speak a true labor of love.

You will want one of each; while they support each other in primary facts, they are quite different enough that missing one or the other will leave much too big a hole in your family knowledge!

FINALLY ~ now it is so easy to follow a long family line and get your children and grandchildren excited about their illustrious roots. Significant events are conveniently listed on a Time Line! “Famous Peel Ancestors” have been documented and are ready for repeating to impress friends and neighbors at social gatherings! Fascinating facts or curiosities abound! Meaningful and inspirational stories, events and testimonials by ancestors (often recorded in their own words) will be readily accessible to you and your children. Don’t miss this opportunity to add these two gems to your personal library.

Utah Family Reunion 2008

American Fork
Saturday, August 23rd
Nob Hill Park
950 N. 60 E.

Driving Directions:
Main St. Offramp from I-15, go east thru American Fork. Turn N. on 100 East go to 900 N. Turn L. (west) go to park. Click here for Google Maps

Each Reunion is planned with YOU in mind. Details re: specific terrific activities forthcoming. Bring Yourself & POT LUCK: Picnic finger foods, casseroles, salads & desserts. Bring camp/folding chairs or picnic blanket and your camera! Bring your current family contact info. &/or family group sheets. Bad Weather? No worries festivities move indoors to adjacent church. Mark your calendars!

Cathy (Ivins) Street
2nd Contact Person: Bud Rose 801-423-2747

California Reunion 2008

Rancho Cucamonga
Saturday, September 13th
LDS Chapel
6829 Etiwanda Ave.

Driving Directions:
I-15 Offramp @ Baseline. Go west to Etiwanda, turn R. (north) to church. Click here for Google Maps

Each Reunion is planned with YOU in mind. Details re: specific terrific activities forthcoming. Bring Yourself & POT LUCK: Picnic finger foods, casseroles, salads & desserts. Bring camp/folding chairs or picnic blanket and your camera! Bring your current family contact info. &/or family group sheets. Bad Weather? No worries festivities move indoors to adjacent church. Mark your calendars!

CA Reunion Chair: Lorie (Peel) Atherton

Arizona Family Reunion 2008

Saturday, October 18th
Red Mountain Park
7745 E. Brown Rd.


Driving Directions:
From 101: take loop 202 eastbound to Powell. Turn R. (south) to Brown. Turn L. to park. From US60: loop 202 northbound to University, turn R. on Ellsworth, turn L. @Brown, turn L. to park. Click here for Google Maps

Each Reunion is planned with YOU in mind. Details re: specific terrific activities forthcoming. Bring Yourself & POT LUCK: Picnic finger foods, casseroles, salads & desserts. Bring camp/folding chairs or picnic blanket and your camera! Bring your current family contact info. &/or family group sheets. Mark your calendars!

AZ Reunion Chair: Chris Cooley
2nd Contact Person : Cindi Tanner 602-955-7867


Your welcome donations to the Benjamin Peel Family Foundation fund genealogical research, postage, preparation of documents and other aspects necessary in maintaining family contacts. Donations to the foundation are tax-exempt. You can either mail a check to the foundation or make a donation online. We appreciate whatever you can give! Thank you.

Make checks payable to:
Jim Rose Jr.
740 S. Woodland Hills Dr.
Woodland Hills, UT 84653

Or donate online by clicking the "Donate" button below:

Deployed Family

Sgt. Caryn Jones, Intelligence Analyst-I, U.S. Army

Caryn (LOD: Wm.Cowgill, Erma Cowgill, Rulon Peel) will be deploying to Northern Iraq (a hot area) mid-July. This will be her second tour in three years. She will serve for 15 months, predicting where the enemy will be and their mode of attack. Her husband, Eric, is a Readiness Support Assistant for her unit (the 16th Sustainment Brigade). He works with the families left behind to follow up on their needs while their service member is gone on the mission. Their children, Ashtyn (7) and Matheu (8) attend the local Department of Defense elementary school in Bamberg, Germany.

Caryn is working toward her Bachelors degree in Intelligence Studies. 

Sgt. Elliott Hinckley, U.S. Army Reserve, Iraq

Proud wife Brooke (LOD: Randy Jones, Evalyn Jones, Leslie Peel) & daughter Elee keep the home fires burning with her parents in beautiful Snowflake, AZ. Elliott’s call was sudden: they only had 3 days notice before he was deployed. He arrived in Iraq on Mother’s Day 2008. Specialized in Humvees, Elliott is also working mechanical wizardry on civilian vehicles at the base. His unit has been moved 4 times since he arrived in Iraq. Each move is dangerous as any form of convoy travel is high risk. Family prayers are a powerful and welcome force.

Beau Kimball Jones
U.S. Army
Fort Sam Houston San Antonio, TX

Parents Randy (LOD: Evalyn Jones, Leslie Peel) and Marie Jones report their son’s passion for his field of study; training as a Combat Medic.He completed his 2 year externship at the Navapache Regional Medical Center in Show Low, Arizona as a Surgical tech. Before shipping out from a Chicago airport, Beau and five other soldiers were surprised their meal had been paid for by unknown patriots. Many sincere thanks were offered by complete strangers as they made their way to their gate.

Paul Ivins U.S. Marines Oceanside, CA

Parents Tim (LOD: Virginia Ivins, Almira Peel) and Ingrid Ivins are rightfully very proud of their son and his service to our country.

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