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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family Tree

Benjamin Peel & Nancy Agnes Turnbull (((1st Generation)))

Benjamin Franklin Peel & Mary Almira Welker (((2nd Generation)))

Mariam Almira Peel & Hal Woodhouse (((3rd Generation)))

Lawrence & Thora Woodhouse
Wes & Paula Woodhouse
Rosalie & Ethridge Millis
Virginia & Grant Ivins
Don & Audrey Woodhouse, Gay Woodhouse
Robert & Sandy Woodhouse

Rulon Samuel Peel & Vessa McClellan (((3rd Generation)))
Erma & David Cowgill
Leslie Adam Peel & Edna Russell (((3rd Generation)))
Elona & Eldon Cooley
Narvin & Berneice Peel
Mary & Pete Skousen
Evalyn & Mel Jones
LeRoy & LaRae Peel
John Arthur Peel & Lula Walker (((3rd Generation)))
Lorraine & Gene Robinson, Henry McDonald
Mary & Howard Anderson
Don & Carolyn Peel
Bill & Reggie Peel
Zola Peel & John Schwartz, Webb Larson (((3rd Generation)))
Ellen & Lavar Gledhill
Junior & Wilma Larson
Zona Peel & Joseph Dutra Rose (((3rd Generation)))
Jim & Norma Rose
Ben & Shirley Rose
Harold “Manny” & Margaret Rose
Ken & Bea Rose
Joe & Lois Rose
Gene & Rose Rose, Arlene Rose
Bob & Gail Rose, Annette Rose
Pat & Louise Rose, Laraine Rose
Kenneth Peel & Margaret Schaugar (((3rd Generation)))
Elthea & Robert Grigsby
Fred & Cheryl Peel, Mary Peel
Lillian & Lewis Woodland
Barbara & Bruno Mason
Vern Robert Peel & Hilda Robinson (((3rd Generation)))
Beverly & Gene Robinson, Art Ruchti
Robert & Barbara Peel
Richard & Martha Peel, Charlene Peel
David & Bonnie Peel
Mel & Jeanne Peel
Lenor James Peel & Laura Woods (((3rd Generation)))
Marilyn & Merrill Tyler
Dick & Judy Peel
Ferril Lloyd Peel & Lucille Hodge (((3rd Generation)))
Tom & Muriel Peel
John & Jelaire Peel
Norman & Judith Peel
Roger & Marene Peel
Mary & Thomas J. Allred

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